Sunday, December 7, 2008


Holy Cow, has anyone that is reading this ever been to college? I mean, c'mon, what is finals week all about anyway?
Life was all good and I had a great Thanksgiving break only to come back to college where there seemed to be this crazed preparation for the last few weeks of school. People are spending way more time in the Library, lots less time hanging out, and much more time doing those things which constitute "not having a life"... haha
It sure has been fun to try and stay up with those things that are weighing on my shoulders. History, CS class, religion classes, oh, and I can't forget about the SCUBA class that I'm taking... yeah, that one adds a lot of stress! haha I just had to take a few moments to blog about how crazy finals are. And now, for those of you who haven't gone to college, yes, you know who you are, can catch a glimpse of why it sometimes seems more of a pain than it is a pleasure. Or maybe it is so I could catch a glimpse of why some of you stopped going to college>< Anyway, for the next 2 weeks my life will consist of books, books, eat, more books, library, more books, tests, and then absolute FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I can't wait to be married!

Ok, in response to Carrie's response on my blog I have decided to write a blog about not knowing what to write! I mean, seriously, every time I sit down to write a blog my mind starts wandering about all of the things that I could be doing or other places I could be. Ok, mainly, when I sit down to write a blog all my mind can think about is Libby. She has consumed my every thought at every moment in time during the day. Yup, crazy huh? Even when I am taking tests and I am sitting down in the testing center I will find after 5 minutes of staring off into nowhere that I have been in la-la land dreaming about Libby. As cheesy as it sounds, that's just the way it is. I am engaged, I love it, and I can't wait to get married!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mom's Blog

Has anyone else noticed that mom is still a Disney Princess? Just wondering if anyone else has thinks that mom should blog...

p.s. I'm glad that you are Mulan mom. She definitely was a powerful woman!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where millions of dreams come true... one by one.

Hey! I have decided that Disneyland just might be one of the greatest places on this earth. I don't know how they do it but every stinking employee I have come across has not only had a smile on his face, but he has also been in a good mood! I mean, seriously, do they all have 6 figure salaries or do they have such amazing benefits so as to make them like this? I wonder if I was given a season pass to Disneyland because of working here, would I also be that happy all the time? Who knows?!
We have just been having the time of our lives!! Today was so exhausting that I actually just came back to the room and slept from 7-8:30 because I was just pooped! It has definitely been a long time since I have done that but one thing is for sure. One of the best feelings in the world is waking up from a nap!! This is actually the reason why I am blogging right now. I'm pretty sure everyone is asleep out of the family besides me.
Today we did Soarin' Over California and Carrie and I decided that they should make a ride about Utah... what do you think? Think it would be a hit? Anyway, those are just my thoughts for right now. And yes, I think it is an amazing thing to be with family, all day everyday, for 5 days straight! I hope we don't get family'd out:)

p.s. I'm sure we'll still all be happy to see Daniel and Riki><

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Decade of Decisions

Ok, I know it has been a super long time since I have written a blog entry but after all of the events that have been happening in my life I figure that I should definitely jot some of them down.
This decade that I live in, namely the one from 20-30 years of age has been termed as the decade of decisions. I can't remember who it was but it was in one general conference about 3 conferences ago that these 10 years are the most important in my life. For a few reasons.
1. I am deciding what I will be doing for the rest of my life concerning an occupation.
2. I am setting up patterns, habits, goals, and other lifestyles that will continue with me throughout the rest of my life.
3. The most important of anything that will ever happen at any point in time is I will end up finding that "significant other" that will weather all of these viccissitudes of life with me.
For right now I know that it is basically only the family that reads my blog so I feel safe in saying that I have met the girl of my dreams. She is this super cute girl from Farmington, Ut and her name is Libby Schwab. Thus far we have been dating for 13 days and have just been enjoying life to the absolute max. We have done everything from playing tetris on the Super Nintendo for hours on end to going on 4-wheeler rides in Oak City. Yeah, talk about a sweet spectrum. What could be more fun than having a blast courting someone and being in college and being at this age? Seriously! Having the best diet(ramen and mac-n-cheese) in the whole world totally rocks too! I can have the one of the most tasty meals ever for only 30 cents! haha Libby and I have had uber amounts of fun and the fun just won't stop. One weekend ago I went on the longest date of my life. Not long as in dreadful, long as in it started on Friday and didn't end uptil Sunday night. Yeah, you'd think you'd get sick of each other but not this time around. All I would like to say to those who read this is that she is a special girl and I think i'm falling in love. I say this because I figure most who read this are girls. So, there you have it. You don't have to speculate any further. More news will follow:)

p.s. VIVA Las Disneyland!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Message in a Bottle

Pretend you found this e-mail typed up and printed out in a bottle that you stumbled across.


Day12: I am still here. This is my 12th day at this fire camp. I think people are there in the outside world. People are losing it here. I think i'm starting to lose it here. I have begun to sing to myself when there are no other "insiders" around. Rumor has it there are still people alive on the outside. If you get this, help me... .... .... ....

haha, ok I guess that might have been a little far stretched but at times, it really does feel like that! It's crazy being the only one from your company here for this long! You can only do so many things to entertain yourself before you just hit ultimate boredom. To the point where things that you once thought were fun, aren't really that fun anymore, they just fill up the spare time. Things really aren't too bad but I can tell you, it's great to be able to call "outsiders" and just talk for hours on end! One thing is to be learned from this: If you ever go on fire, be prepared with multiple activities to keep yourself busy:)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ben's Law of Fire

Hello everybody! I have come up with a new law that will shake the foundations of the Earth. This new law is that when a person goes on fire they need to accept that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Yup, that's all there is to it. If you expect anything different then "you got another thing comin'". Thing that have gone wrong thus far:
1. The order they gave us was wrong, almost got de-mob'd.
2. Set up and almost got sent home because some dude was afraid of radiation from the dish.
3. Had to move and repoint.
4. Set up and everything was fine and dandy up until a solar flare hit G26 and fried the power supply to half the satellite. Had to repoint again.
5. Up and running and the wireless doesn't work because there is too much congestion with allt he other wireless devices in a nearby vicinity.
6. Had to run hard lines to half the camp.
So as you can see I have been having a hunky-dory time up here:)
Things that have gone bodaciously awesome:
1. I'm in California about 1 mile from the ocean.
2. Approximate temperature is 65 degrees.:)
3. I am making loads of money... can't complain.
4. I'm surrounded by some really neat people.
5. Everything is working for the time being and there hasn't been one problem for at least one day now!!

Just remember: What can go wrong, will go wrong.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little thing called the internet!!

Well, here I am sitting in the airport and I have just realized that it doesn't matter where I go, the internet will be there. It is the magnificent stalker! I go into the middle of nowhere and set a dish up and the internet follows me there. I go check into a hotel room only to find that the internet has found me there too. I go to the airport, get frisked and checked the point of no comfort, walk into the terminal and the internet is yet by my side. I am right now at the airport waiting to get on the plane back to Salt Lake City and was just thinking about how immersive(sp) the internet is. Anyway, see ya'll back in the greatest state in the country, world, universe, omniverse, underverse, benly-verse, scripture verse, and all those other verses:)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

To do or not to do... too many questions!

So recently I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and I have come to the conclusion that God will just have to write something in the sky because the thoughts of understanding seem to be like the clouds, always out of reach! I have been tossing up ideas of work/marriage/school/more work. The one thing that is a constant in my life is my ramen. Yes, for all those who don't know me I am a walking noodle, nothing more. It's like on Spongebob when Plankton is put into that vaporizer that determines what the object is made of. He was made up of 99% hot gas, and 1% something. I, I am 50% ramen, 20%pasta, 10%meat, and 20% confused! But, after all the talks with the myriads of people that I come in contact with I guess I am still going back to school, ("to prove to daddy that I am not a fool"). Which I am kind of excited for. College is a real challenge which makes it real fun when you can overcome the obstacle lying in wait to tear you down... haha. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I have a billion more questions than they do and my life is completely different from everyone else's... right! Thanks for the advice you guys!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Economics... whats that?

Well, here I am sitting in my economics class and am finding that I don't any desire to pay attention whatsoever. Although I did somehow pull myself out of my apartment and walk all the way up here just to be bored to death by this "fun" econ professor for 90 minutes. Who wouldn't want to do this? Who wouldn't want to go to college? Seriously, could life be any better? hehe Ok, it really isn't that bad. I have learned a lot from this class but to put it simply, I am glad that there are many types and varieties of people in this world. This way i am allowed to choose what I would like to do for life and I won't have to be forced into being an economist. For all those out there who do understand economics, more power to ya!!

p.s. Did I ever mention how cool it is that I can access the internet from anywhere on campus? Such a relief;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Ok, so it has been a while since I have blogged... Brett! hehe Yes I did end up taking my first road trip ever and it was super sweet! We had a great time driving a total of 815 miles. Did you know that there is an order to the whole driving system when taking a road trip? I do now. Let me explain. The driver does nothing but drive(obviously). The one in the passenger seat is in charge of trash and being the DJ. The person(s) in the back are in charge of the treats. Well, I thought it was pretty cool that there was a system!!!
We started this excursion on Friday and stayed at Jake Nielson's house that night. Took off the next morning to see Vegas. We ended up going on 2 different roller coasters and watching the infamous Bellagio fountains!! Man was that awesome. I would say that the trip was worth just because we got to see those!!!! We ate at a buffet that night and we were all so tired that we decided to leave at about 9:30. So, I guess you could say that we got out of there before too many crazy things started happening.
Overall it was a total success and a lot of fun to just leave for the weekend and not think at all about school!! Seriously, college is getting tougher and tougher. I am not sure yet whether that is because the semester is coming to a close or as summer nears, the desire to do homework fades. All in all this trip was a much needed relaxant to help me come back and get even more focused on school!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sheesh! I have decided that college is blast! All except for the college part. Everything just rocks!! Minus econ, and accounting, and anything else that makes me stress out for no apparent reason! The roommies and I have just been having the greatest time sitting at our battle stations every night as we talk about girls, and school, and girls, and work, and girls, and food, good food, and anything else that ends up coming across our minds:) Just so everyone knows, our battle stations are where our laptops sit on our kitchen table. Seriously, there couldn't be a better place or a name! It is a daily... well, more of a nightly gathering that totally rocks! The other commanders at their battle stations are Danny Walker and Kyle Holmes. We are the ones who tend to stay up later doing homework and other random things. I just felt the need to blog about how freaking awesome college is and how much more fun it is going to be next year when we go to the Branbury!!! How exciting! I am also overly joyed for the coming of summer! Yes, it is in less than 1 month. Where I won't have to pay rent and I won't have to do homework, heck, I won't even have to buy my own food! So, college is the best thing ever and so much fun, except for the school side of things;)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Flying mattresses!!!

Okay, so, as you may have guessed by the title, one of the craziest events of my life happened last night. We have called it the art of mattress fighting and I am pretty sure that we became black belts last night. We started off as just these tires little boys wanting to go to sleep when out of nowhere a pillow came flying and hit one of us in the face. Well, the fire exploded from there moving from pillows to blankets and then... yup, you're right... mattresses!! Not one of us remember who started threw the first mattress but a full on war ensued from there. There was anything from body slams to catapulting people off of your mattress after having been body slammed underneath a few 100 pounds of human flesh plus 2 mattresses. As we all know, the fun always ends in a way least expected and least wanted. The fun ended when one of the mattresses hit the over hanging light. Yes, it proceeded to spread white dust all over the place. Luckily we were the only ones awake by this point and nobody found out about it until today.
So, the moral of the story is. "Never run after a bus... Especially one going up at a 90 degree angle" (Spongebob) Not really. I guess there is no moral of the story other than have as much possible fun as you can until the light ends up breaking:)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've caught the blogging bug!

Woot for the inescapability of the lure of blogging! I have watched my whole family blog without me for too many years now. I figured it was time to hop on the bandwagon and start my own. I can tell this is going to be a lot of fun as you all get to see about all of the fun that I am having at college. Oh, and don't you worry, there is much fun to be had! In fact, because it is going to be soooooo much fun my roommates and I have decided to put all of our out-of-this-world ideas into a list. Here she goes:
1. A raffle(because we're poor)
2. Sunday special(Waffle mania)
3. Jello eating contest, licorice, donuts, etc...
4. Steak and brauts, obviously!
5. Ramen parties(because we're poor)
6. Sleep overs
a. Where you move all of your mattresses into one room:)
7. Get a dog(preferably a Rotweiler)
8. Acquire an aquarium
9. BBQ contest
10. Volleyball doubles/triples tournaments
11. Car Washes(because we're poor)
12. Mistletoe Madness
13. DI runs(because we're poor)
14. Buy a card table to put all of our laptops in their "battle stations"
Well, there you have it. Can you sense the amount of fun we are going to have? The list is called "Our Doings of Debochery".