Sunday, December 7, 2008


Holy Cow, has anyone that is reading this ever been to college? I mean, c'mon, what is finals week all about anyway?
Life was all good and I had a great Thanksgiving break only to come back to college where there seemed to be this crazed preparation for the last few weeks of school. People are spending way more time in the Library, lots less time hanging out, and much more time doing those things which constitute "not having a life"... haha
It sure has been fun to try and stay up with those things that are weighing on my shoulders. History, CS class, religion classes, oh, and I can't forget about the SCUBA class that I'm taking... yeah, that one adds a lot of stress! haha I just had to take a few moments to blog about how crazy finals are. And now, for those of you who haven't gone to college, yes, you know who you are, can catch a glimpse of why it sometimes seems more of a pain than it is a pleasure. Or maybe it is so I could catch a glimpse of why some of you stopped going to college>< Anyway, for the next 2 weeks my life will consist of books, books, eat, more books, library, more books, tests, and then absolute FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!